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14.12.2010 Night Sky Realty interview to JETRO
Night Sky Realty interview to JETRONight Sky Realty interview to Japan external trade organization (JETRO) dedicated to “Contemporary Life Style of the Russian Megapolis’ Citizen” (current residential real estate market in Saint-Petersburg, rent and sale of apartments, classification of properties, features of corporate rental residential market)

December 10th 2010 Night Sky Realty met with Japan external trade organization in Saint-Petersburg to discuss current residential real estate market in Saint-Petersburg and main trends emerged during its post crisis stage.

JETRO chose the Night Sky Realty company not by accident. Night Sky Realty has been focusing on corporate segment for some time and has been successfully cooperating with many leading Japanese companies established on the Russian market, e.g. Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Sumi Lon etc., gaining a reputation of a reliable partner in the field of both residential and commercial projects.

A range of questions discussed during the interview varied greatly. JETRO representative Yumi Uzuki was interested in the overview of residential market in Saint-Petersburg, its basic classes, most popular areas and districts for living, classification of properties and criterion of segmenting, portrait of buyers and tenants, main stages of buying process, as well as changes and trends on the market caused by the crisis - shift of the supply/demand ratio in different property classes (economy class, business class, premium class), price fluctuations, new projects, etc.

As a large operator on the corporate rental residential market Night Sky Realty spoke during the interview about a complex approach to the relocation process of clients. (90% of the company’s clients are foreign specialists, middle level and top-managers assigned to work in Saint-Petersburg for a 1-3 year contract). The abovementioned approach provides a package of services from brokerage, legal support, technical maintenance, to preparation and execution of orientation tours acquainting the client with the city infrastructure, education, medical and recreation facilities and other options. Yumi Uzuki highlighted the importance, relevance and unique character of this service on the current corporate rental market. Relocation procedure is not limited to finding the apartment for rent but covers a wide range of issues – that is a full inclusion of the client and his family members to an absolutely new social environment. Night Sky Realty consultancy provides a sufficient knowledge and housing market information for the clients that enable them to take an independent decision successfully combining their special requirements and economic component of the project.

Practice of such interviews, round tables, seminars and other possible forms of information exchange and consultancy is highly beneficial. Night Sky Realty always acts openly and welcomes such forms of cooperation with potential clients and partners.