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16.04.2013 So you’ve made up your mind to purchase an apartment in a new building – what’s next?
Surf the internet, enter a query like "buildings", "apartments in new buildings," etc. and get ... more than 6! million links on Yandex, and more than 16! million on Google. Examination and a brief analysis of the first hundred of links would take at least two weeks, and if you have to contact the company and check the information - the whole month.

In such a situation there are two possible ways to search apartments in new buildings: the first one –to scrutinize all the information in the internet, and the second – to find a vendor company and entrust the study of the market to it. Which is better?

Recently the market of real estate agencies has enlarged. Big companies with a proven reputation working for a long time in real estate business were joined by companies with focused specialization, accumulating lot of the information from the majority of building owners and having extensive databases.

Using service of these companies has a number of advantages; the main one is saving of time (the tiring work of finding and processing of information is done for you).

However, choosing a realtor or consulting company requires attention and care.

Unfortunately, in the pursuit of venues and customers, many new companies, recently appeared on the market, recruit agents who do not have adequate professional experience and education, which greatly affects the quality of service.

Some of you may have encountered dozens of proposals, often not meeting your requirements and parameters, or even it may turn out that many of these proposals are already sold.

This arouses only negative feelings, nervousness, and often anger.

What to do?

Solid agencies value their names and reputations, don’t work with unreliable construction companies which offer illegal schemes.

In addition, the significant role plays approved and coordinated construction documents.

Everybody is aware of cases when the finished and inhabited house lacks mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, connected by the main schemes (not temporary ones), consequently there may be no hot water, heating, elevators may not work.

According to the leading consulting and real estate agencies, in average around 10 % people turn away from cooperation with building owners.

Self-respecting agency, aimed at long-term development and the achievement of certain positions in the market, has a staff of highly qualified employees, the permanent portfolio of reliable building companies and constantly updated database.

Such companies conduct a thorough legal review of new buildings, analyze all stages of construction, reviews and feedback on the projects, etc before bringing them to the market.

Of course, if you are focused on a specific area, parameters and you have chosen a certain building, you should contact the construction company directly. Although you may face the situation when the construction company cooperates with an authorized agency.

Reputable realty companies have a broader information database, including, in particular, an impressive portfolio of projects leading construction companies.

Using the service of a real estate agency you don’t lose anything - the price of a realty property the agency offers you is the same as in the construction company, also identical discounts, bonuses and special offers.

The agency can offer its customers the info tour with a professional consultant on a number of selected objects. The advantages of this service are obvious - you save your time, because you can view several real estate properties from different construction companies in one day, you also quickly get all the information about the object, its infrastructure, and you can see the progress of construction. A sales contract is done directly with the construction company to minimize possible risks.

However, many large construction companies have their own sales team, controlled and managed by the developer. In this case, the marketing, advertising and PR strategies are built centrally.

Entrust your apartment search to professionals!

Have successful acquisitions.

Igor Chetirkin
Chief Manager for development and strategic consulting
Night Sky Realty Company