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25.12.2009 KIKA: prospective expansion in Russia 2010
Kika is one of the largest European retailers of home furnishing segment (furniture and household goods). Kika is presented in 7 countries Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Rumania. Kika has 67 hypermarkets with total retail area over 1,2 million square meters.

In 2010 Kika is planning to open a new store in Rostov-on-Don. Kika network will rent retail premises in shopping mall “Horizon”, previously occupied by Saint-Petersburg household goods retailer “Santa House”. In Rostov-on-Don, the store is going to be open before June 2010. The store area in “Horizon” shopping mall will be about 7 500 sqm.

According to Marina Gavrilova, a vice president of Kika who is responsible for expansion, in 2010 the retailer is going to open at least 4 new stores. Currently only 2 stores in Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar are set for opening, the other 2 stores are under negotiations. The hypermarket in Krasnodar will be open up in “OZ” shopping center in March 2010. The retailer is considering some retail premises for a new store in Ekaterinburg.

The first-priority region for Kika network expansion is still Moscow and cities with population over one million inhabitants.

Marina Gavrilova comments the strategy, “We are trying to choose the best retail premises. The location of store is an important factor. Selecting the place for opening, we take into account the size of retail premise, the concept of shopping center, the transport accessibility, etc. Concerning the customer flow, it is obvious that generated flow is a plus, but Kika is an operator that attracts the customer flow itself”.

The first Kika store in Russia was open in April 2009 in Moscow at Novorizhskoye Shosse. The store occupies 11 500 sqm in “Uni Mall” shopping center. In November 2009 a new hypermarket of furniture and household goods was open in Samara with area 12 000 sqm. Till the end of 2012 the retailer is going to open 10 new stores in the cities with population over 500 000 inhabitants. The sores will be open in shopping malls and in detached buildings.