Аренда и продажа элитной жилой и коммерческой недвижимости Санкт-Петербург, Россия


12.02.2010 Association of European Business in Saint-Petersburg
11th February 2010 Night Sky Realty executives attended a EuroReception at the General Consulate of Finland hosted by Association of European Business.

The AEB is an independent organization aimed at promoting business interests of European companies operating in Russia, supporting them with information, consulting services and quality lobbying.

Having been established in Moscow in 1995 AEB has since attracted as members most of the key market players, e.g. Toyota, Nissan, General Motors, Maersk, OBI, IKEA, Philip Morris, etc.

However Saint-Petersburg is yet to become another centre for intensifying AEB activities. The reception was carried out in Saint-Petersburg for the first time and therefore attracted a diverse range of the international companies operating in the city. Among guests could be seen such enterprises as Coleman Services, KPMG, Tikkurila, UPM-Kymmene, Liden and Denz, Konsu and many more.

For Night Sky Realty the outcome of the meeting was multifold: strengthening cooperation with the regular customers, broadening the current client cluster as well as representing the strategic partners in Moscow – May Fair Properties – a loyal and reliable AEB member.

The reception went in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with the guests enjoying the possibility of establishing useful business contacts and generating perspective business ideas. In future AEB meetings will be carried out on a regular basis since the Association sets up operations in Saint-Petersburg with the official opening of the office scheduled for 2011.

The photo report can be found at the official AEB site