Аренда и продажа элитной жилой и коммерческой недвижимости Санкт-Петербург, Россия


11.03.2011 Как сдать квартиру серьезному корпоративному клиенту - менеджеру-иностранцу, сотруднику крупной западной компании? Step by step…

Many owners of the elite apartments renting them on a regular basis prefer to see as a tenant a foreign citizen, employee of a large international company assigned for a long term contract from 1 up to 3 years. The advantageous of such client are obvious: long rental period, stable long term income, reliable and responsible tenant carefully fulfilling his obligations under the contract, minimal damage risks, careful and objective amortization of the apartment, additional guarantees provided by the lessee company, prospects of further cooperation with corporate clients, references from the companies, allowing to lease the apartment at a prompter pace in future.

So what kind of apartments do foreign corporate clients choose? How to make your apartment look more attractive for a potential client and therefore more competitive among other properties on the market? How to lease the apartment as promptly and beneficially as possible? Is it possible to minimize the time losses when searching for a reliable tenant? How to avoid possible risks when leasing the apartment? Nigh Sky Realty, Corporate Rental Residential Department specialists are ready to share with you their own experience and recommendations tested by their long term professional expertise in the corporate segment which might help owners of the elite apartments.

Important criteria and guidelines

European managers are accustomed to a certain level of comfort and quality of living set up both for the apartment itself and the package of services that accompany the leasing process. When a foreign specialist is choosing the apartment a key factor for decision-making is the location. Foreigners prefer to live in the historical city centre in the urban environment with an extensive infrastructure and good security. Such factors matters as well: closeness of museums, theatres and other cultural venues creating a harmonious balance between workload and free time. Thus the following parts of the city are highly demanded: Central district with Nevsky prospekt and so called Consulate area around Tavrichesky garden, Petrogradsky districtt with Krestovsky Island and Kamenny Island, Vasilevsky Island with its new residential complexes "Morskoy Facade" and "Morskoy Kaskad", part of Admiralteisky district bordering downtown.

Often foreigners employed by the large industrial companies are pursuing the closeness of the apartment to the office/plant. As a rule large manufacturing plants (factories) are situated outside the city. Therefore a few other parts of the city become popular. Northern districts (Vyborgsky, Primorsky) could be of interest to such companies as Nissan, Magna Cosma International, Hyundai, Suzuki. Southern direction (especially Moskovsky district) might be a priority for General Motors, Philip Morris, Toyota and Bosch&Siemens.

In case a foreigner is bringing his family to Russia (in particular his children) the district infrastructure starts to play an important role: educational institutions, schools and kindergartens, parks and other places for outdoors activities, sport clubs, fitness centres, swimming pools, recreational facilities, stores, cafes, restaurants and so on.

Requirements for the Apartment for Rent

Most popular apartments are those located in the new houses, fully reconstructed or houses with renovated facades and staircases. As a rule these houses have homogenous structure of residents, certain security control system (intercom, video-monitoring, concierge, 24/7 guards), parking facility.

Most frequently requested apartments are 3 rooms apartments with a total living area from 80 to 120m2 in a modern style with a decent renovation, convenient lay out, equipped with the built-in wardrobes and a lot of storage area. Design of apartment should be as neutral and light as possible. It is better to avoid decorating an apartment in accordance with your personal taste for it might be drastically different from what a foreigner expects from an ideal home. For decoration use natural materials in pastel shades which will visually expand the space and give a touch of contemporary style.

Foreign tenants do not like apartments overloaded with furniture. While preparing the apartment for rent it is possible to buy only basic furniture pieces in order to mark the main areas (living room – coffee table, upholstered furniture, TV set, bedroom – bed, wardrobe, kitchen – furniture set, equipment, table, chairs). Other furniture pieces could be bought for a particular tenant. In apartments with more then 2 rooms it is possible to leave one room empty and furnish it in accordance with the particular tenant’s requirements (bedroom, study or kids room). Such flexibility might guarantee long and positive relationships between the tenant and the landlord.

Apartment should be fully equipped with all necessary household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, preferable a dryer). Boiler and water filters is a must.

High-speed Internet and Satellite TV are to be provided as well.

Intercom and video-phone with a camera watching the stairwell are always available in the apartments.


An opportunity to park your car at a reserved lot is sometimes a crucial decision-making factor. Certainly there are only few houses in the city centre with underground parking, individual garages are almost non-existent, secured open air car parks are very limited. Be pro-active, find out whether there are any secured parking lots around, do not say no when asked to assist in arranging a parking space. That might play a critical role for a tenant.

Selecting a Real Estate Company

Adjusting your apartment towards the European standards is essential but will not bring you a desirable client by itself. It is highly important to find a professional real estate company specializing on a corporate segment. When selecting which real estate company to apply for renting out the apartment, pay attention whether the company has among their clients western enterprises, browse through a corporate site of the company, study the properties advertised and evaluate how professionally they are presented.

A qualified consultant will be able to give you practical recommendations at the stage of preparing the apartment for rent, will help to define a price, counsel on legal related issues and most importantly will carry out a placement of a corporate client for long term rent. A real estate company which is already working on the corporate market and owing a pool of regular customers does no need to search for them, rather then to inform them about your apartment.

Friendly and Flexible Landlord. You are welcome!

Nowadays market of corporate residential rent demonstrates all specific features of the Tenant’s Market: a great variety of the offers on the market, high demands of the tenant for the apartment and rental terms, dictated by the tenant, long period of decision-making by a potential client.

At present conditions flexibility and diplomacy of the landlord is the keystone to success. Readiness to adapt/improve your apartment in accordance with the particular tenant’s requirements, reasonable flexibility in respect of the rental terms, friendly attitude and timely response to the tenant’s needs throughout the rental term is half the battle for a long term mutually beneficial relationships for the both parties.

Sometimes it is just one step from the moment of signing by the parties a long term contract.

Take a step towards your potential foreign tenant – contact Night Sky Realty.