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25.05.2011 Step by Step Renting Guide

When coming to Saint-Petersburg for a long-term assignment many potential tenants (especially foreigners) have to face a problem of finding the right property for rent. A difficulty for a client present not only having to understand “new” city structure, specific features of the rental market, rental rates, etc., but also very often a lack of knowledge how to look for the apartment – where to start, which company to apply, how to select the right apartment out of numerous offers, how to protect your interests in the contract, etc.

Basing on our long-term experience on the elite residential rental market, Night Sky Realty designed a special step by step manual on apartment rent that will enable our clients to understand the process of apartment search and rent inside out at every stage.

Choosing Real Estate Company

Step 1. Choosing Real Estate Company

There are many different real estate companies on the market offering their services on apartment search. Entrust the search for property to professional consultants. When choosing your realtor-partner study a corporate site of the company, browse their properties and the way they presented, check the pool of clients.

When applying to a company define your requirements as detailed as possible: specify the budget, beginning and end of tenancy period, preferences on modes of payment, other important points for you. Brief information on you and your family members, who are planning to live in the apartment as well, could also enhance the search.

Take note: By contrast to the western practice where agency fee is paid by the landlord, on the Russian market it is the tenant who pays the agency fee. The amount of agency fee accounts for 100% of the monthly rental fee stipulated in the tenancy contract. Upon second and further application to the real estate company some discounts might be given. Night Sly Realty provides special cooperation terms to the corporate clients.

Take note: Whether you work in a company and search for the apartment for yourself or you are HR manager conducting the apartment search for a new coming specialist – contact Corporate Residential Rental Department in Night Sky Realty. We might have been already working with your company and could offer favourable commercial terms and service.

Receiving Apartment Options

Step 2. Receiving Apartment Options

After your enquiry has been processed by a real estate company you will start to receive current offers of the apartments available on the market corresponding to your requirements. If you made the right choice – you will get in your mailbox complete information on apartments, photos, descriptions and lay-outs, which will allow you to select only suitable options and save you from unnecessary visits to the wrong apartments.

Take note: In case you start the apartment search in advance (for instance 2-3 months beforehand), most of the offers currently available might become occupied by the date you would be ready to move-in. The average exposition term of the marketable apartment is 1 month, therefore it is recommended to start the active search for apartment approximately 1-1,5 months ahead.

Visiting Properties

Step 3. Visiting Properties

After you have given a feedback to your broker and selected the apartments for viewings the real estate agent organizes for you an individual viewing of properties. For such viewings Night Sky Realty provides corporate transportation and personal English-speaking broker.

Agreeing Contract Terms

Step 4. Agreeing Contract Terms

You have chosen the apartment and would like to move further – negotiate the contract. The basic tenancy/lease contract shall include such points as rental terms, parties’ obligations, payment duties (rent, fixed and variable costs), terms of payment. You could also include to the contract some points related to installation of additional items (satellite TV with necessary channels, air-conditioners, purchasing of extra furniture pieces or household appliances).

Take note: A professional real estate company provides full legal support and carries out negotiations between parties. Whether you sign a contract as an individual or it is the company that leases apartment for you in any case you should be given all documents necessary for the deal: copy of the landlords’ passport, copy of document certifying the ownership, in case a representative involved – a power of attorney, apartment transfer act, list of furniture/items, banking details of the landlord (in case of bank transfer payment). In every particular case a set of documents might slightly vary.

Getting the Keys / Apartment Transfer

Step 5. Getting the Keys / Apartment Transfer

After the tenancy/lease agreement has been signed and the first payment upon the agreement has been effected you accept the apartment from the landlord, sign apartment transfer act and get the keys. At this stage make sure that apartment is transferred to you in accordance with the agreement terms and the list of furniture/items. Should you find any minor defects during external examination – cracks or scratches, etc. – list them in the apartment transfer act.

Living in Apartment

Step 6. Living in Apartment

Throughout living in apartment you might be faced with problems/questions of technical character.

Take note: Professional real estate companies offering high-quality service to their clients take care about that as well. For instance, Night Sky Realty provides a maintenance hot line to the corporate clients facing operational difficulties, which allows taking quick measures and eliminating minor faults of equipment, communications in the apartment, etc.

After Expiry of Tenancy

Step 7. After Expiry of Tenancy

When your tenancy/lease agreement comes to an end you will need to transfer apartment back to the landlord. You might also want to extend your tenancy for a new term. In both cases your realtor will support you with professional counsel, thus participating in every stage of the rental cycle.

Take note: In case you disagree with the landlord on determining damage to the apartment check your tenancy/lease agreement. As a rule, a correctly drawn agreement stipulates that normal wear and tear shall be exempted when determining damage.

Be a well-informed and competent client, demand decent service – that will make your search together with realtor much more efficient and you will get a desired result.