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Information for landlords

Choosing a Professional Real Estate Company

Choosing the right real estate company is the key factor for successful leasing of your residential property. In order to rent the apartment/house/cottage/ out you need to select a professional real estate company. That will allow you to save a great deal of time and efforts and minimize your risks.

Highly qualified Night Sky Realty specialists will put a lot of efforts into the following tasks: promotion and advertisement of your apartment on the market, carrying out viewings of the apartment at convenient time for you, elaboration of lease/tenancy agreement’s terms, signing of the long-term lease/tenancy agreement, follow-up of the agreement execution over the entire lease/tenancy term.

Preparing your Apartment for Rent

Current real estate market puts forward growing requirements towards residential properties for lease/tenancy. Therefore every detail matters: state of the staircase, security level in the house, staircase, condition of the lift, entrance door to the apartment, apartment lay-out, renovation, design, furniture and household equipment.

Contact professionals to receive the comprehensive consultancy on all issues.

Preparing the Documents for Apartment Leasing

Collecting the full package of documents required for apartment leasing in advance will allow prompter and more favorable apartment leasing, i.e.:

  • ownership documents (for the owners of the property)
  • documents certifying the legal authority of the representatives/attorneys (in case of any representatives/attorneys
  • certificate for the registration of the private business (in case the owner is a private entrepreneur)
  • constituent documents for the legal entity (in case the owner is a legal entity)
  • permission from the guardian (in case the owner is a minor)
  • notarized written consent from the all proprietors ( in case of a few owners)

In order to get the comprehensive information on all package of documents required for apartment leasing, please contact Night Sky Realty specialist via phone +7(812) 333 15 15.


Insurance of the residential property is usually carried out by the owner. Insurance of the apartment finishing and belongings will protect you and the potential tenant of your apartment from the unforeseen risks, financial and time losses.

Your personal real estate consultant will help you to choose a reliable insurance company.

Apartment Viewings

In order to lease the apartment most quickly and beneficially one needs to make it look marketable: before showing the apartment to the clients carry out a professional cleaning service, remove the personal belongings, check the functioning of all communications, equipment and household appliances, prepare the reference letters from the previous tenants, if any.

Showing the apartment at most convenient time for the clients will maximize the viewing opportunities, reduce the apartment exposition term and will enable you to choose the most beneficial offer. Many landlords cooperating with Night Sky Realty empower their specialists to conduct viewings themselves which allows to save time of the landlord and to show the property to every potential tenant.

Negotiating and Concluding the Lease/Tenancy agreement

The more detailed and elaborated the terms of the lease/tenancy agreement are the safer and more reliable will be the cooperation with the Tenant over the whole tenancy/leasing period.

Night Sky Realty specialists will negotiate all the leasing terms on your behalf and elaborate the lease/tenancy contract protecting your interests.


Earnings gained from property leasing is a taxable income. Tax rate and the order of payment depend on the status of the owner: tax resident of the RF, tax non-resident of the RF, legal entity or private entrepreneur.

Night Sky Realty specialists will provide you a comprehensive consultancy on all legal and tax issues relevant to the property leasing process, opportunities of tax optimization and will help you to collect necessary legal documents.