Аренда и продажа элитной жилой и коммерческой недвижимости Санкт-Петербург, Россия
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Information for tenants

Selecting a Professional Real Estate Company

Cooperating with a professional real estate company will enable you to find an appropriate apartment saving a great deal of time and efforts. Entrust the search for your apartment to a professional realtor stipulating in advance the requirements for the apartment/house for rent, budget and terms of cooperation. As a rule, the leading real estate operators posses an extensive, meticulously updated database, comprehensive information about the properties presented on the corporate site and company’s leaflets, high-qualified English-speaking personnel, comfortable cars for viewings. Professional real estate companies provide full legal support of transactions, coordination between the Landlord and the Tenant, keeping a close communication with the client both during the apartment search process and throughout the lease/tenancy term.

Payment of Agency Services

The market introduced a standard practice – agency fee is equal to the one month rent. In case of the following applications to the company some discounts are possible. Night Sky Realty also provides special more beneficial cooperation terms to its corporate clients.

Request for the Apartment Search

When placing a request with the real estate company it is necessary to specify your requirements to the apartment, budget, start of lease and leasing terms, payment mode preferences and other essential conditions. That will make the search more target-oriented and will save a great deal of your time and effort when selecting the right property. To enhance the search provide the brief information on you and the members of your family that are going to live with you in the apartment.

Apartment Viewing

Long before the viewings Night Sky Realty professional consultants provide you with the comprehensive information on the apartments with detailed descriptions, photos and layouts, which will enable you to pre-select for the viewing only those apartments you are really interested into and avoid unnecessary visits to the apartments not meeting your requirements. Night Sky Realty provides corporate transportation for the viewings. Taking into account heavy traffic in Saint-Petersburg it is possible to view approximately 5 apartments per day.

Negotiations and Signing of the Lease/Tenancy agreement

Highly qualified Night Sky Realty specialists will elaborate all the lease/tenancy terms thus guaranteeing reliable and secure cooperation with the Landlord throughout the lease/tenancy term.

Entrust negotiating of the contract terms and drawing of the lease/tenancy agreement to our specialists that will represent your interests in a competent way. Night Sky Realty consultants will provide a full set of documents required for concluding the lease/tenancy agreement: ownership certificates, power of attorneys for the representatives (if any), full list of items and the furniture in the apartment, fully completed lease/tenancy agreement, apartment transfer act, etc. In every particular case the set of documents may vary: Night Sky Realty specialists will give you a comprehensive consultancy on the full package of necessary documents.


As a rule the property insurance is carried out by the owner of the apartment. In case the apartment leased is not insured Night Sky Realty will give you necessary recommendations how to obtain it.


Until recently the cost of public utilities in Saint-Petersburg amounted on average to 100 USD. At present the situation is changing towards a significant increase in operational costs which is particularly true for modern elite buildings where utilities include payment of security services, underground parking, infrastructure of the building, etc. The question who is to pay for the utilities is subject to negotiations, however the payment is better to be effected by the owner of the apartment or his/her representatives.

Payment of Phone Bills

Normally the monthly fee for the telephone landline and phone calls within a city is paid by the Landlord. All international, intercity calls and phone calls to the mobile operators are paid additionally by the Tenant.

Having signed the Lease Agreement

In case any difficulties connected to the apartment usage or misunderstanding with the Landlord arise throughout the lease/tenancy terms Night Sky Realty specialists will help you to settle them representing your interests before Landlord.

Agency Guarantees

If the apartment becomes unsuitable for living by objective reasons Night Sky Realty will find an alternative apartment for you free of charge within first 6 months of rent.

24/7 Technical Support Line

In case of malfunctioning or defect of the apartment communications and equipment Night Sky Realty specialists will timely undertake remedial measures.